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 Gertrude's Bird

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Cinsiyet : Erkek

Kayıt tarihi Kayıt tarihi : 24/10/09

Mesaj Sayısı Mesaj Sayısı : 114
İş İş : Öğrenci
Rep Puanı Rep Puanı : 438

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MesajKonu: Gertrude's Bird   Paz Ekim 25 2009, 08:35

In those days when our Lord and St. Peter wandered upon earth, they came once to an old wife's house, who sat baking. Her name was Gertrude, and she had a red mutch on her head. They had walked a long way, and were both hungry, and our Lord begged hard for a bannock to stay their hunger. Yes, they should have it. p. 214 So she took a tiny little piece of dough and rolled it out, but as she rolled it, it grew and grew till it covered the whole griddle.
Nay, that was too big; they couldn't have that. So she took a tinier bit still; but when that was rolled out it covered the whole griddle just the same, and that bannock was too big, she said; they couldn't have that either.
The third time she took a still tinier bit--so tiny you could scarce see it; but it was the same story over again--the bannock was too big.
"Well," said Gertrude, "I can't give you anything; you must just go without, for all these bannocks are too big."
Then our Lord waxed wroth, and said,--
"Since you love me so little as to grudge me a morsel of food, you shall have this punishment,--you shall become a bird, and seek your food between bark and bole, and never get a drop to drink save when it rains."
He had scarce said the last word before she was turned into a great black woodpecker, or Gertrude's bird, and flew from her kneading-trough right up the chimney; and till this very day you may see her flying about, with her red mutch on her head, and her body all black, because of the soot in the chimney; and so she hacks and taps away at the trees for her food, and whistles when rain is coming, for she is ever athirst, and then she looks for a drop to cool her tongue.
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Gertrude's Bird
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